Cyprus Sunshine cup #2 - Afxentia cup

Tereza finished second in the Afxentia cup stage race in the Macheras Forest (CYP). Won two stages (time trial and XC) point to point race affected flat tire. With a flats Tereza unfortunately fighted both in the second and third stages.


The place in the middle of nowhere, without the spectators. That´s Macheras Forest in Cyprus mountains. The place where Tereza fighted for win Afxentia cup already three years ago. That time foiled winning flat tire far from the technical area. Nor now was the race without a problems. 

Tereza won stage number one (one XC lap time trial) with a huge lead of more than 30 seconds. Beated both teammate Sabine Spitz and Annika Langvad and got dressed into the leaders yellow jersey.

The second day Tereza flated her tire while building a lead in the middle of point to point race. Although she repaired it fast lost 21 positions and had to pushed harder to get back closer to the forehead. Finaly finished 8th with a gap 3,5 minutes behind todays winner Annika Langvad who congratulated Tereza for a heroic output during the ctaching a lead back. Yellow jersey travelled to the Danish Annika. In that time was Terez 4th in overall of Afxentia cup with a gap of 2:55 minute to the first.

From the third stage start was Tereza increasing her lead in front of the group with Annika Langvad, Sabine Spitz, Blaza Klemencic and Morath Adelheide. 2:20 minute was the margin in the third lap from four and it was clear that If the tempo stays same, Tereza can win all Afxentia cup. Nor today was Tereza without a problems. Flat tire in the finish of third lap took her a time and her lead felt for 4 second. Last lap she did fast again and finished like a winner of Sunday stage with a gap close to 2 minutes. Overall took second place in Afxentia cup and was pretty satisfied despite of bad luck. Second place equal a lot of UCI points for the Olympic qualification but the most valuable for Tereza was winning by the start to finish ride.

„It´s really great to feel back the power in my legs and riding on the lead with a huge gap. Although I didn´t win all Afxentia cup I am quite happy about my feelings. I have to do a lot of other work in anaerobic zone before the firts World cup in RSA and I am really excited how much I can increase my performance.The race there will be hard both because hard course and high summer temperatures around 35 Celsius degrees but I am gonna prepare myself for 100% fo everything what it can meet me there.“


Before this South African race will Tereza do one more XC race in Cyprus in Amathous 4th March. There she can take a lead of all Sunshine cup at the expense of current leader Annika Langvad and clothes on a leaders yellow jersey.

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