Cyprus Sunshine cup #1 - first 2012 race

Tereza entered to the 2012 Olympic season by the 3rd place in Voroklini (CYP) where started popular Cyprus Sunshine cup. Firts place took Annika Langvad and second Terezas teammate Sabine Spitz. Tereza fighted for winning too but her way there foiled the broken chain.

Most of European riders came to the Cyprus in February to started their 2012 season in Cyprus Sunshine cup. Sabine Spitz, Annika Langvad, Irina Kalantieva, Lisi Osl, Katrin Leumann and the others came there to started the Olympic season and fight for the valuable UCI points.

From the race beginning was Tereza in the lead together with teammate Sabine Spitz and Danish Annika Langvad. Although her legs were strong Tereza had a problems with a gear changing and lost some time due to the falling chain. Even though she returned 7 seconds behind leading Annika. Last lap Terezas chain failed and got broken. Even the technical zone was closed Tereza lost 2nd place and finally finished 3rd.

"Be back fighting for winning it´s a great feeling. Although I didn´t win cause of some technical problems I am quite happy today. Everything´s going well arround me, both training and recovery. Trained hard during the winter but still gonna have to do a lot of another work till the first WorldCup i RSA."

Tereza will take part in other race next week. Cyprus sunshine cup continuous in Macheras forest by the Afxentia cup stage race where Tereza can collect the other UCI points. Till that time she´s gonna stay training in Cyprus with her team Sabine Spitz Haibike Pro. 

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