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Welcome you, who´s coming to my website for any reason. Maybe you are here because you know the passion of cycling. You may like to feel the wind flowing around you and listening to its melody, which is becoming louder,while you´re pushing your bike more intensively forward! You can feel the drops of your sweat rolling on your face.You think, that their main ingredients aren´t just salt and water, but also your worries leaving your mind. If you know another way to enjoy time for yourself and being sweat isn´t necessary,then you're also welcome! In any case, it is a great honor for me having you as a guest here. I´m really appreciated you are interested in my life of professional cyclist. The life where bike is more then just tool for cleaning thoughts. I'll let you look behind the scenes of my life and I'll show you "bike trial" of my career. All with pleasure. I hope you will like my story and be inspired.


Cyprus Sunshine cup #2 - Afxentia cup

Tereza finished second in the Afxentia cup stage race in the Macheras Forest (CYP). Won two stages (time trial and XC) point to point race affected flat tire. With a flats Tereza unfortunately fighted both in the second and third stages.

Cyprus Sunshine cup #1 - first 2012 race

Tereza entered to the 2012 Olympic season by the 3rd place in Voroklini (CYP) where started popular Cyprus Sunshine cup. Firts place took Annika Langvad and second Terezas teammate Sabine Spitz. Tereza fighted for winning too but her way there foiled the broken chain.

Tereza at the BIKE EXPO Sportlife in Brno - photos

Few pictures from Bike Expo Sportlife in Brno from last weekend

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